Unmanned Aerial Services


DJI Matrice 210 is an enterprise level multi-rotor quadcopter that is one of the most versatile and capable unmanned aerial systems available. Our aircraft has an operating range of over 4 miles and a flight time per batter cycle of over 30 mins allowing us to map nearly 40 acres every cycle. The unit’s versatility of multiple camera configuration capability, including vertical, allows for bridge inspections, aerial georeferenced orthomosaic photos as well as surveying and mapping needs; all with the same aircraft. The aircraft also has a self-heating dual-battery power system that heats the batteries allowing for operations in sub-zero environments and the unit is built around an enclosed designed allowing us to fly in a wide range of environments.

Processing Software

Pix4D. BFW owns a full licensed seat of the industry standard Pix4D Mapper software that we utilize to process and deliver our data sets. Typical deliverable formats include full-color point clouds, digital surface models and 3D textured mesh files all of which can be utilized in the common AutoCAD software suites (File types: .las, .laz, .ply, .xyz, .tif, .kml, .shp, .dxf, .pdf).


BFW Engineers employs a two full-time FAA Certified Part 107 Remote Pilots with one that is also a Licensed Professional Land Surveyor in multiple States that is professional trained and certified to fly and provide survey grade ground control on the projects. Any aerial data we collect can be field validated and ground proofed with the same confidence level of traditional topographic survey procedures.


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