Whitley County Judicial Center

    Williamsburg, Kentucky – Whitley County

    Bacon Farmer Workman Engineering & Testing, Inc. and Marcum Engineering, LLC provided the engineering design which consists of three floors and 57,300 square feet of usable space. Design Services provided include Mechanical Design, Electrical Design, Special Systems Design, Lighting Design, and Structural Design. This building is LEED Certified.

    The first floor consists of the following types of spaces:

    • Secure Entry Area
    • Prisoner Holding Area
    • Mechanical/Electrical Room
    • Clerk’s Office
    • Evidence Storage Area
    • Pre-trial Area/Conference Area
    • Building Services

    The second floor consists of the District Court and Supporting Areas including:

    • Judges Chambers
    • 2 District Court Rooms
    • Waiting Areas

    Finally, the third floor consists of:

    • Attorney/Client Conference Areas
    • Administrative Offices


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