Rockcastle Technology Center

    Mount Vernon, Kentucky – Rockcastle County

    The Rockcastle Technology Training facility is a 50,000 square foot one-story educational building which includes instructional shop areas, classrooms, common areas, and administrative facilities. In addition to the main floor, there is also a controlled access mechanical mezzanine above the corridors and certain office and storage areas. The building is constructed of reinforced concrete masonry on shallow spread shop areas, and a radial configuration fanned joist/joist girder roof over the administrative and common areas.

    Specifics in the Design Included:

    • High Bay Areas
    • Corporate Training Space
    • Administrative Offices
    • Conference Areas
    • Common Areas
    • Instructional Shop Areas

    Additional Design Work Included:

    • Geotechnical Exploration & Report
    • Contract Documents & Specifications


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