Strategic Energy Management Services

    Marcum Energy Management Solutions (MEMS) provides a wide variety of Strategic Energy Management services. Our project team is highly qualified to provide these services, and have been involved in numerous projects gaining LEED Gold and Silver Certifications and Energy Star Labeling. Thus, our staff understands what is needed to ensure facilities are running at optimal energy levels, translating into real cost savings for the end user.

    We feel like our unique value proposition is two-fold:

    1. Helping our clients optimize the performance, function and utility of both new and existing energy-using systems.

    2. Helping our clients understand the lifecycle value of various mutually-exclusive energy-using investment options.

    Strategic Energy Management Details:

    • Capital Investment Prioritization Matrices/Facility Surveys
    • De-Facto Facility Energy Manager Function
    • Equipment/Installer Recommendations
    • Facility Energy-Use Tracking/Trending
    • Facility Master Planning
    • Facility ASHRAE Level I – III Energy Efficiency Audits
    • Fundamental/Enhanced Commissioning/Retro-Commissioning
    • LEED O+M/ENERGY STAR Feasibility Studies
    • Lifecycle Cost Analyses / ROI Studies
    • Load/Power Factor Studies
    • Performance Contracting
    • O+M System Programming
    • Test and Balance
    • Utility Rate Structure Reviews
    • Utility Consumption and Demand Reduction Rebate Evaluation/Execution


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