Mechanical Engineering

    Marcum Engineering, LLC is known for our creative, simple, and sustainable mechanical designs all while providing optimal energy savings.  Whether fire protection, plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, and controls. Our clients enjoy systems that are easy to own, operate, and maintain, thus providing operational savings.  Our services are broad and range from building assessment, facility survey, planning, estimating, specification writing, and commissioning.  Our team of engineers has experience in educational (K-12 and post-secondary), healthcare, institutional, commercial, and industrial designs.

    Mechanical Service Details:

    Marcum Engineering, LLC offers design services expertise for the following.

    Fire Protection:
    • Wet pipe systems
    • Dry pipe systems
    • Preaction systems
    • Deluge systems
    • Standpipes systems
    • Fire pumps
    • Dry chemical suppression
    • Site utilities
    • On-site sewage systems
    • Grease interceptors
    • Oil water separators
    • Plumbing fixtures
    • Drain, waste, vent systems
    • Cold and hot water systems
    • Domestic water pumps
    • Domestic water heating systems
    • Storm drainage
    • Fuel gas piping
    • Compressed air systems
    • Automotive fluid dispensing systems
    • Gasoline and fuel dispensing systems
    • Laboratory gas piping
    • Vacuum systems
    • Welding gas systems
    • DDC controls
    • Building automation systems
    • Building management systems
    • Geothermal systems
    • Water-source heat pump systems
    • Variable air volume systems
    • Variable refrigerant volume systems
    • Unitary systems
    • Split systems
    • Terminal unit systems
    • Radiant floor heating
    • Refrigeration systems
    • Hydronic distribution systems
    • Steam distribution systems
    • Air distribution systems
    • Commercial ventilation
    • HVAC exhaust and supply
    • Dedicated outdoor air systems
    • Kitchen exhaust systems
    • Smoke control
    • Industrial ventilation
    • Dust collection
    • Process exhaust
    • Welding exhaust


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